New PV Technology Roadmap Forum at PV Celltech 2019


Mar 11, 2019

The fourth PV CellTech conference opening tomorrow in Penang, Malaysia, will include a new forum – The PV Technology Roadmap. Focusing on the major changes that will form the basis of future cell production, the forum is expected to be an annual must-attend part of PV CellTech.

PV CellTech has now firmly become the must-attend event on the PV calendar in order to understand the current mix of PV cell technologies used in existing multi-GW cell fabs, and to learn exactly how cell efficiencies and costs will progress over the next 12-18 months.

When Solar Media started PV CellTech back in March 2016, the team envisaged the event filling the void that existed in the PV industry between the academic blue-sky research gatherings (such as PVSEC or the IEEE events) and the often-disappointing satellite events that are bolted on to the major trade events that occur during the year (Intersolar, SPI, SNEC, etc.). However, PV CellTech has now become much more than this, and is now setting the benchmark as the effective PV technology roadmap report, with the ability to track cell processing trends at the GW-level, with most of the CTOs and heads-of-R&D from the top-20 cell makers of the industry giving the presentations on stage at PV CellTech.

The PV CellTech 2019 event on 12-13 March 2019 will include The PV Technology Roadmap across the whole of the afternoon on day 2. The forum will seek to establish the next major changes that will form the basis of cell production as the industry moves from 100GW to 200GW annually.

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