Countdown to PV ModuleTech 2019


Oct 10, 2019

The PV ModuleTech 2019 conference kicks off next week in Penang, Malaysia. The international event spans the module value chain and will focus on the key global issues in terms of module technology, quality, and reliability for large-scale module purchasing decisions.

Module technology offerings are changing at a rapid pace, with half-cut cells, shingled arrangements, PERC and bifacial types now appearing on reliability and bankability listings for site investors. Higher-efficiency and power ratings are also appearing as new n-type variants are being pitched at developers and EPCs. Finally, new materials used in module assembly – both on the front and rear side of modules – are coming to the market, lowering assembly costs, adding reliability, and assisting during site construction.

In addition to hearing from the leading global companies spanning the module value-chain (from production to supply, across materials and technology, inclusive of testing, inspection and quality auditing), PV ModuleTech 2019 will also feature the inaugural talk from the PV-Tech market research team on a new module supplier rating analysis that will assist any module buyer/user to fully understand the supply landscape on offer going forward.

Focused sessions this year at PV ModuleTech will include bifacial-module optimization, LCOE-comparisons between state-of-the-art mono/multi panels, and module pricing forecasts over the next 2 years.

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